60 Product Label Design Ideas To Inspire You

No matter what aisle you are in or platform you are using to shop, you are always met with an eye-catching exterior. The store shelves are always packed to the brim with colorful products. These label designs are all fighting to catch your eye.

Those printed materials that label the products you buy may seem unimportant, but it’s the exact opposite. Good label and packaging design play a huge role in the purchase decision making of consumers. It makes people aware and recognize your brand in a simple way beyond other marketing campaigns like commercials and other advertisements.

Which is why before any brand launches a product, this base has to be covered in order for that company to succeed. And it must be approached with creativity and strategy. Today, we are going to give you a list of examples that will help you figure out what to do with your product label.

The Basics

But wait. Before we get started, we should probably discuss the basics of product label design.

You’ll get more chances of creating a better design when you know what makes a good product label. Reading up and staying informed on the dos and don’t of this art helps you produce better output for your product. Use this quick guide to get an idea of what makes a product label design good:


  • Use graphic elements sparingly – Labels lose impact when saturated with different elements that clash. A busy design does not look good on small printed materials like labels which is why it’s best to shoot for versatile and simple designs.
  • Pick label materials wisely – Picking a material to print your design on is something that you should also consider. Consider the finish of your label. Would it look better on glossy paper? How about on semi-gloss or matte paper? Pick one that is appropriate for your product and visual identity.
  • Put your brand forward – Product labels drive brand awareness. It is important to have a label that fits the brand identity and create consistency. The label should match and put your brand identity in the spotlight, including your logo or defining graphic mark. Most companies do this by putting their business logo atop the visual hierarchy.


  • Use generic product label templates – For something as big of a deal as the exterior of your product, it’s best to have it custom-made or personalized. Remember that most online templates can be accessed by anyone on the internet. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use them. You just need to make sure that you edit it to make it as unique as you can.
  • Forget to research your competitors – Ending up with a design that looks just like your competitors is the last thing you want. Label design should allow you to stand out and be seen by your target customers in a sea of other products.
  • Go all-in with trends – Trends are called trends for a reason. They may look good for a few seasons, but tides will eventually change. It’s best to go for something that is timeless to avoid redesigning any time soon. You can still follow trends, of course just as long as you make use of them wisely.

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